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Experience: Beginner, Intermediate

Seasons: Summer, Winter

Type: Snow, Water

Access: Fee to park 15$

Popularity: Popular

Wind direction: West, East



Baie-des-Brises (BdB) is a little charming corner next to Valleyfield. It is 90 km from Montreal. The length of the bay is 1.5 km.
How to get there:
Drive to Highway 20, proceed till exit 14, route 201, in direction of Salaberry-de-Valleyfield. Then, cross the city till the end and take route 132 West (It can also show 201 South or 30 West  by proceeding South. On route 132 (5 km after bridge Laroque), turn right on the road of Brosseau. You can see the beautiful water in a straight line. on the South coast, go down by taking route 30 which will become route 132 next to Salaberry-de-Valleyfield.
A little parking lot is available there near the water. 6-7 cars could fit in there. You can set up your kite there, but unfortunately it is restricted.
BdB is a very popular kitesurfing spot and a lot of kitesurfers tend to go there.