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Experience: Beginner, Intermediate

Seasons: Summer, Winter

Type: Snow, Water

Access: Park fee (9$ per day)

Popularity: Popular

Wind direction: North, North-West

Situated about 40 minutes from downtown of Montreal


How to get there:

Take the 49th exit on Ste-Marie and turn left on the second stop by going West. Proceed till the second stop and turn right on l'Anse à l'Orme road on the corner of the store. At the end of the road, turn right on the boulevard Gouin and proceed till the park you see on your left.


You'll have to pay for your parking spot. There are 98 parking spots in total. There will be a station at the entry that will let you through as long as you pay, the ticket costs about 5$. You can buy a season-pass for 40$ if you're a resident, if you're not then its 60$. There are bathrooms and exterior showers. There are also garbage cans, tables and picnic areas.


If is a clear and sunny day; you might notice a lot of people doing various sports and activities. Respect and be cool with everybody. Try to be careful not to hit people that are kayaking, yachting, fishing or doing something else in water. 


In the park, there are 3 water-accesses. 2 of them are for boats. Don't let your equipment in their way. In result, you might lose it or harm somebody.