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Experience: Intermediate

Seasons: Summer, Winter

Type: Snow, Water

Access: Free

Popularity: Popular

Wind direction: West



 The name says it. The site is located near a pylon on the St-Laurent river. It is also located in a protected aquatic environment.

How to get there:
From Montreal:

    - Take route 132 till the exit of Montarville boulevard.
   - Turn left on Montarville Boulevard till the coast shore.
  - Turn right on Marie-Victorin Boulevard and proceed right for a dozen of km till you "La Saulais" restaurant.
    - 200 meters after the restaurant, take the cycling path on the coast shore.

    - Turn left on the first path you see and proceed to the site.

There are no amenities, except a little grassy part under the electric pylon or an old garbage can.

This place is a refuge for a lot of interesting birds. Sometimes you can spot fishermen fishing on the coast. Respect the environment, on water or land.