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Experience: Beginner, Intermediate

Seasons: Summer, Winter

Type: Snow, Water

Access: Free

Popularity: Popular

Wind direction: South, South-West

The site is located in the amazing park of Paul-Sauvé in Oka on the North-Coast of the island. It is only 45 minutes from Montreal. There are two accesses to water. So two places for kiting: the main beach and Peak Beach. In general, Peak Beach is more visited.  The entry fee is 8$. It is recommended to buy a season pass if you tend to go there often.

How to get there:

From Montreal, take highway 13 or 15 North, then route 640 West, proceed till the end of the road. When you'll get there, you'll have two options:

-Proceed right on the park road if it is open


- Turn right on the path of Oka (route 344)

- Proceed to then other entrance of the park, located approximately 5 km from you on the left. Once in the park, follow the directions to the main beach or Peak Beach.


There are a lot of parking spots. The park has toilets and showers. The only flaw about the bathrooms is that they are closed during winter in Peak beach, but there are portable toilets outside. In the main beach, there is even a restaurant open all year long next to the center.


The most important thing you have to remember while visiting the park is the speed limit of your vehicle. The park has various cycling paths. Accidents have already been reported. It is prior for the driver to be careful not to hit anybody. Kiters tend to get excited to figure out if the wind speed is still available or good. But it is still prior to drive slowly. Drive simply at 30 km/h. It may sound ridiculous, but it is important for the public's safety. If you wish get there faster, take the access of route 344, where the speed limit is high.

The Oka Park is a wonderful place. It attracts many tourists every year. Peak Beach is very exposed to the wind. It is important to watch your equipment not fly away. The park is often visited by many families and children. Make sure that your equipment does not get in their way. The Oka Park is one of the best kiting places in Quebec, make sure to have fun in safe ways.